CLB and JazzWest Horns at Puck

An amazing evening of music at Puck on June 24th, with the boys on the horns back on stage, special guest Hailey Brinnel on trombone and vocals, a feature story in the Intell on Thursday before the event ... and awesome photography by Jason Wood (Immersion Technology)!

CLB Thanksgiving Reunion at Puck

CLB's 3rd Thanksgiving Weekend Reunion at Puck, with six horn players and Christa Tinari joining on vocals throughout the evening. The fantastic artwork comes from our friend Jackie Cooper. You can find her at JCS Art on Facebook. She does commissions in sculpture, paint, pencil, and more. Send us a message if you'd like to get in touch with her.

CLB at Pearl S. Buck Taste of the World

We had a wonderful time at Taste of the World 2016. It was a perfect spring evening for the Chairman's Reception pre-event cocktail hour out on the lawn. Huge thanks to Aaron Mitchell for letting us use his wonderful photos. Find Aaron at

CLB at Puck - 5-14-16

Local Live 2016 - 4-3-16

Gallery of classic CLB photos